Hi, Newbie & Help Needed :)

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Hi, Newbie & Help Needed :)

Post by tomp87 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:32 pm

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope everyone is well and good?

My name is Tom, I first got interested in 3D printing as an Undergraduate around 4 years ago nearly, while my friend built and a few and did some work. Everytime I discussed with him, it always became confusing!!!

As a Postgraduate, I wanted to work with 3D printing but got told, I was too technical, which halted my desire and pathway emerging, this would have been Photography & 3D printing combined.

However, since then this urge to get into 3D Printing has never stopped me at all and I feel now finally is the time to get it done!!!

I'm on a budget and have been looking at the Creality Ender Pro 3, which is around my price range and have so far heard good things about it.

I'd also like to know what software would I need to download to use it?

Another final question, What GB laptop or desktop would I need to run the software?

I appreciate your time and help within regards to this, I look forward to hearing from everyone and in the meantime, take care & warmest regards.


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