3D Printer conversion to Diode Laser Cutter

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3D Printer conversion to Diode Laser Cutter

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Hi all,
I have two 3D printers with one of them I am trying to make it Diode Laser Cutter, (CO2 Laser is very costly and not very practical due to it size and it is very dangerous) I have been looking for options and possibilities, i.e. Hardware, Software etc.

I have not found a Diode Laser module strong enough to cut 8mm to 10mm thick Acrylics with good results, dark ones of course.

I had the idea to combine 2 diode laser modules of 30 W (30000mW) each and direct both of them by means of Mirrors or Prisms to converge Laser Beams to the object to be cut.

Has any one any idea of how and what to use to achieve this please.

Many thanks.

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