3d printers for sale

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3d printers for sale

Post by alexdan »

Hi everyone,I hope it's not wrong to post here as I just registered. I don't know where shoul I seek for help or advice regarding 3 printers.My dad had a jewlery bussines and he purchased a while ago 3 printers to grow his bussines but unforunately he died recently and we couldn't take the bussines over as we have other kind of activity.

I would like to sell his printers.

Digital wax 009 J
Digital wax 020 D
Digital wax 028 J+

I know he paid loads of money for them,I'm not sure exactly I have to check to make sure.
The printers are in new condition as far as I know he didn't use them.

I would appreciate if someone would give me an advice where I can sell them and how much shall I ask for the,.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: 3d printers for sale

Post by iDig3Dprinting »

I would start by finding out how much they retail for. I would suggest contacting the makers ( http://www.dwssystems.com ) as they don't list the price (which means they are expensive). I found a listing for the 009J for $13,500

This is going to be specialist equipment and they will be worth a lot so I would take your time. The obvious place to start are other jewellery makers.

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Re: 3d printers for sale

Post by steveprinters29 »

You need to check the current price of the 3D printers and deem the selling price of these according to the build year of the 3D printer. You can also list them on E-Bay and expect a good price from those who are actually looking for such 3D printers.

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