Filament Extruder

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Filament Extruder

Post by samprint »

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone has a filament extruder, i'd love to chat and pick your brains, I also have some failed prints etc that need recycling and I'm super eager to see how recycling PLA and ABS works out in terms of how well the re-extruded stuff prints.
If anyone could shed any light and potentially has one in the Leeds/Huddersfield/Kirklees Area and could get in touch that would be awesome!

Cheers in advance

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Re: Filament Extruder

Post by FDM to SLA »

Reusing ABS and PLA is not that effective.

Melting down your failed prints etc. and creating new filament is tricky if you want to have consistent
filament diameters.

Just because you have a 2mm nozzle does not mean the filament coming out will be exactly 2mm.

Cheap filament can be purchased, paid less than £10 per kg spool for PLA. Keep watching ebay for
those bargains.

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