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New to this!

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Hi guys newbie here and I wanted to cut right to the chase.

We are a body shop based in Glasgow in the UK. We are off at the moment due to Covid-19. My mum works in the NHS and I've just seen her PPE. We seen they are pleading with people to make visors. I want to be able to help however little it may be or seen. We have no experience in working with 3D printers, we are willing and eager to learn quickly.

Main questions are :

What printer would work best ? We aren't on a budget as such but we do need to be mindful of costs. Is the for example a good enough printer for 300-400 ? I have had a quick look and the prices seem to vary quite a bit.

Is it a simple download the file and let the printer do its thing ?

Can the laminate sheets be printed ? Or is that bought in separately, taking a chance on someone knowing here.

Is the filament easy to come buy ? How much would be needed to print say 100 visors ?

Like I said we want to help however we can even if it is a small part to play we want to do our bit.


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