Printer set up touble. Need help.

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Printer set up touble. Need help.

Post by Gigatrix » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:45 pm


So I bought my second printer 2nd hand. (the first was a kit that I tore my hair out to get working and it just nets prints) I bought it for cheep with the expectation work needed to be done. I am not sure if its a Riprap Mendle, Hecent or other kind of printer clone but I guess what's important is the motherboard and software. The Circuitry comes in many boards have all spate stepper drivers and 3 main mother boards. The chip is an ATMega644p from Remix. I have uploaded the code from the Arduino IDE. I want to use Cura but for now to get it working I am using Repeteir Host V1.6.1. When I try and move any axis I just get the error "Communication Timeout- reset send buffer block" I also have used Pronterface and it gives me "Connecting... startPrinter is now online . SD init fail EC:1 , Hotendok , EC:1
, Hotendok
" I am at a loss because there is no SD card slot anywhere on my printer and I bought one that seems like it plugged in to a spare port but the port is a 10 pin connector and the SD card is 8.

I have been working at this for weeks. Any help would be appreciated as more projects are requiring this to work. Thank you. Gigatrix.

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Re: Printer set up touble. Need help.

Post by iDig3Dprinting » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:37 am

This could be, I say could, be down to incorrect settings in your configuration.h file.

Have you tried using the repetier configuration tool ( )?

One of the main culprits for this type of issue is an incorrect baud rate, also disable reset on connect. Check these settings in both your configuration.h and in the settings in repetier-host.

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