Noob struggling with extruder motor, please have mercy!

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Re: Noob struggling with extruder motor, please have mercy!

Post by urbantuckerman » Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:56 pm

Thanks kmxsoft, To be honest I have had that board plugged and unplugged so many times that could have been the problem. It's only the original (i suspect v cheap) ones that have failed, the new ones with heat sinks seem fine, and it was the extruder one which went twice (should have put one of the new ones in, but I had already swapped one in at the initial testing stage). on the up side I have sussed that the connector on the thermistor was iffy and not contacting the pins on the board correctly, and have replaced it with a connector from an old pc power switch. Whilst I was F***ing around trying to solve the bed issue I flashed the firmware, this led me to learn (after soooooo much googling) that my card is a clone of a geetech, and that I need to alter the baud rate in order to communicate with it, also I had to edit the config.h file to get the x axis to home in the right direction. I bought the cheap ass kit a) because of the cheap part and b) because all my research seemed to say "this won't work out of the box but once you get it working you will know loads more about 3d printing". My Han Solo DL44 blaster is now printing beautifully! :D It wouldn't be without all the great people in the community who spend time and effort helping out those with less knowledge. Thanks everyone, maybe one day I will find someone with less knowledge that myself, until then, let the journey continue!

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Re: Noob struggling with extruder motor, please have mercy!

Post by Kmxsoft » Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:31 am

Don't rely on the botstep to include protection, no matter how "quality" they might seem.

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