Thicker layer offset

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Re: Thicker layer offset

Post by Tempy111 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:23 pm

I think I feel really guity.. I was sure I had commented on it, but I haven't.. My printer is a off-brand Replicator Dual.. two heads.. I noticed the other day that the left head seams to have dropped a tiny bit.. I took it off completely and did a test.. then gave it a good clean and back on.. I think the second nozzle was down a tiny bit and for some reason (odd since it seams to only be them set layers where it was thicker, but I might know why for that) it pushed the printed filament.

Can't 100% confirm that right now as i'm having a minor heating problem.. I think I might need to put in a new sensor.. Basiclly, it seams to take along time to heat up at the moment, and it times out, but then starts printing and seams okay.. apart from major a little head issue, so I think I need to put in a new sensor, or maybe figure out what's wrong with the one screw that holds the heat element in place.. either way, like I said, I can't confirm completely but I think it's better now.. seams to be..

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