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3d printing

Post by PAUL1962 »

Ok so having just built another printer and turned it on loaded a model from the sd card and sent to print
Nothing, then a thin line of filament then clicking then nothing,

then filamnet comming out in Blob, then the filament on the bed is dragged off by the extruder then nothing.

other people seem to build then sent to print an hey presto they have a 3d model me

jeeze what am i doing wrong 1.75 extruder heated to 205 heated bed to 60c tape on the bed filament loading ok just nothig that resembles a 3d model or anything any advice would be great



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Re: 3d printing

Post by steveprinters29 »

With all the troubles you have been facing, you should understand that the 3D printer has not been designed too well. Try checking the inner components of equipment and you can change the readymade parts that you got for the 3D Printer.

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