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RichardM - Introduction

Post by RichardM » Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:20 am

Sorry if this is the wrong area but cant find a dedicated hello / goodbye forum so here goes.
Just committed myself to my first 3D printer thing .. An Anet A2 - previously owned by someone who opened the box and had a nervous breakdown, closed the cover and took two aspirins.
So am going for a trip north tomorrow to pick up the pieces and settle down for a week or two to screw it up der.. screw it together - got a welder and a bunch of nails if things go wrong - or can always resort to the aspirins and pass it on option.

I scanned the forum and no mention of anyone having an A2 - hope I'm wrong but anyway any suggestions on what type of filament to start with ?
What pitfalls to look out for ?
Where to get the cheapest aspirins ?
Got to go and dismantle a shed - cheers.

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