Ender 3 vs Geeetech A10

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Ender 3 vs Geeetech A10

Post by chefsnade » Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:55 am

This may have been discussed so far, a little look on google hasn't really pinged up as many hits as I thought there would be. The ones it has has been July/Aug of 18, 
and the printers seem to change quite fast. 

The Ender 3 now becomes fully open source, boot loader included? As does the A10. 
The A10 has a better motherboard? A upgrade for the Ender to a MKS-GEN L for £16, but the GT2560 seems a better board anyway. 

The Ender has a higher resolution LCD screen, is that used that much in 3d printing, and is the difference between the two night and day? 

The standard upgrades will be the same between both of them? the one on banggood ATM has the Y rail the same 20mm as the Ender, seems like you need to pay a extra 
£35 for the newer model. 

Apart from that, this is my first 3d printer, I possibly wont be printing much, I don't mind making mods for it, or building it. Others I have been interested in was the 
Anet A8 and the Tevo Tarantula, but I believe these can be a little more problematic. 


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