Getting a 3d printer

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Getting a 3d printer

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Hi guys new here and new to the whole 3d printing scene. I've always been into technology and 3d printing has always fascinated me. I've been watching 3d printing videos in general from unboxing to beginner videos to get more understanding about what I'm getting myself into. Few questions if anyone could help

My budget is around 2-£250 for a 3d printer

What brands around this price mark are suitable but prints well?

What are the major factors I should be looking at/for when deciding on a printer?

What's the best overall filament to use? Let's say from amazon

I done a game development course at college years ago so I have some knowledge of 3d modelling etc so I'm not too worried about that especially as there are already models on the Web to download.

Just after a bit of guidance to what machine to look into really. I'll be using it to print toys/figures and wierd stuff for my young boys. I'll be ordering within the next 2 weeks. Thank you in advance

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