Printer printing miles off on Y axis

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Printer printing miles off on Y axis

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I have a Geeetech i3 Pro B printer I'm trying to get to grips with (I know it's an old model - I had to shelve it for a while during house move, renovation etc).

I did some stuff to calibrate the BLtouch sensor that I fitted, so as to auto level the bed, which is working fine. But that involved inputing some commands directly into the firmware via Pronterprint, and I think somewhere along the way I issued an incorrect piece of code.

The result is that any print now starts about 10-12cm further back than it should do. The Z axis is fine, having just been calibrated, and the X axis seems to be pretty much central. I have Slic3r set to print a line of filament at the front of the bed before it starts the model to purge the nozzle, and now that line is printing near the back of the bed, following which the nozzle heads into fresh air to try and print, but by that time I've already stopped the print.

If I press home in Pronterprint, the nozzle ends up, as it should, fairly central and about 5mm+ above the bed.

I know it's a problem in the firmware, because I selected an old .gcode file that had previously printed fine, and it exhibited the same behaviour.

I'm really hoping there's some way of resetting this to defaults (I'm happy to recalibrate the BLtouch etc), without having to install new firmware etc, which is beyond my comfort zone, unless there's a really simple Janet & John "do this" then "do this" etc.

Thanks in advance for any help, ideas etc.


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