Biome 3D PLA 3D printer filament

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Biome 3D PLA 3D printer filament

Post by iDig3Dprinting » Thu Feb 26, 2015 6:21 pm

We have a new range of 3D printer filament in at the moment. Most noticeably we have some Biome 3D PLA. This is like PLA but it is less brittle and also has a different, silkier, feel to it. So it is like PLA in that it is more environmentally friendly and less smelly than ABS but it also has some ABS like properties.

We would really like it if people could review it for us. We are currently offering 20% off of this product as with all our 3Dom range of filaments. There is a coupon code on the home page of the website.

I understand that this means that a purchse is required but if you are going to buy some filament then why not this type. It is of Good quality, manufactured in Ireland.

So if yo are interested go to the website and have a look. But please if you do make the most of this discount 3D filament offer we would ask you to please create an account and write a review for us.

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Re: Biome 3D PLA 3D printer filament

Post by 3dtech » Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:12 am

thanks for this information.
PLA is OK for phone cases and there are incredible models out there for personalizing your phone with a cool case. Do check out our repository page (i.e. 3D file libraries), where you will be able to find a lot of 3D models.
As to choice of material, I would say that actually depends on the function you would like to provide to your phone case. PLA, as material is quite rigid, while TPE filament types are flexible.

With PLA, you will need to factor in about 1-2% of material shrinkage after cooling. This is because as the extruded plastic cools, it shrinks (minimally). If you want your case to fit well, I recommend to print it out at 101-102% of your model (if your 3D case is to scale with your phone specs). And not to forget, PLA is very easy to work with.
Personally, I have printed phone cases out of many materials, but what I liked most for my phone is cases out of flexible filament, like NinjaFlex from FennerDrives (if you are US based) or FilaFlex (if you are EU based). Be aware that there are some flexible filaments that have different “flexible properties” and your 3D printer needs to be able to print with them. If printing with flexible filament, a direct drive 3D printer is recommended. If you got a Bowden setup, use NinjaFlex’s new Semi-flex. I managed to work with it on a Bowden-type printer.


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Re: Biome 3D PLA 3D printer filament

Post by 3DexLtd » Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:52 pm

Yes, many plastics are suitable for something like a phone case. I think it depends on user preference. However, PLA is probably always going to be popular due to its ease of use


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