Community 3d Printed Ventilator Project

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Community 3d Printed Ventilator Project

Post by jateu01 »

Hi All,

I have very little experience with 3d printing, However our NHS will be hitting crisis point with an increase in coronavirus related deaths due to respiratory issues. One thing that has been mentioned by the Government is that the NHS will run out of precious ventilators. The government has asked for various engineering companies to retool but that is easier said than done. However we as 3d printer owners can produce very complex printed items in hours. I know this is a long shot but surely we can help in some way.

Again I need the community to help with this I have very little experience but want this to work. I'm more than happy for my printer to be used round to clock for the benefit of our vulnerable citizens,

I can start a crowd funder to help us and this is purely non profit. But also this project should be made open source as it should be passed to the rest of humanity.

As I understand it a ventilator basically increases the respiration rate of a patient struggling. it can do this via pressure flow and increased oxygen saturation.

All these requirements etc and more can be handled by a raspberry pie, motor or actuator, bellows and housing.

I do not have face book etc so I need everyone out there to get their feelers out and find anyone who can help us.

please pass this on and see where we can get it. I need ideas and more importantly criticism.

My Email is

Many thanks for your help and time.


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Re: Community 3d Printed Ventilator Project

Post by CurroMora »

Hi all,

I have just registered to raise this same point. I hope you can excuse this, given the urgency of the matter.

An italian company is already 3d printing parts of ventilators for hospitals in dire need. The UK seems will be there soon. Do you think this possibility could be explored? They haven't shared the code but they could be convinced or paid for it by the government or the community. Is this a crazy idea? They are from Brescia. The journalist who wrote the article is Nunzia Vallini (@nunziavallini).

A company from Peterborough is ready to respond but the whole community could engage and become a true national hero.

See ... us-2481449 ... on-device/

Please engage. This could work!

Curro (a Spaniard working in the UK from 2005)

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