Help Testing My Stackable 3D Face Shield design

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Help Testing My Stackable 3D Face Shield design

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HI everyone,

I have designed my own version of a face shield which i believe will be possible to reliably print 100+ or more on just one printer (cr-10?) in one a day. My design can also be printed equally successfully on a smaller scale printer, such as my Flashforge finder, which I believe is an issue for the vast majority of 3d shield designs available at the moment.

My main problem is I am no expert when it comes to printing in thicker layer heights, or currently have the setup to do so, so if anyone has the time to test my design and see how quickly and successfully it can be printed, that would be amazing.

The design is available to download for free here

and also here ... 21-minutes

Also any and all thoughts and suggestions on how I could improve the design are most welcome. and If you think my design is a good idea, please share it with as many people as possible. I'm also on instagram as modesigns3d

Thanks all

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