Is a 3D printer suitable?

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Is a 3D printer suitable?

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I’m currently making a small scale niche product from plywood.

The product is similar to large quantity key holding frame. A frame that measures 36Lx24Wx5D (CM) with a board in the middle with 60x 8mmx35mm dowels glued in the board.

The frame and board could be 5mm thick.

There are too many steps in the process, from cutting, routing, sanding, glueing, varnishing etc.

I’d like to know:
: if a 3D printer can do the job?
: how long will it take to complete 1 printed item?
: how strong and rigid the item would be?
: whether or not the printers mentioned below are capable and reliable to handle repetitive daily use?

I’m looking at the following models:
Longer LK5 pro
Any cubic Chiron
Are there better solutions around the same price?

Any advise will be appreciated.


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