Where do i begin.....

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Where do i begin.....

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hi, okay this may be a slightly longer post so if you don't wanna read it i wont hate you for hitting back. So, last year my dad died and ever since then its messed me up really bad. I'm trying to do stuff that helps remind me of him. My dad was a taxi driver, that was his life he loved it. So it got me thinking, what if i could get a 3D model of him and his taxi. Would be amazing i think to have something like that, so i started researching it and im in far too deep. I haven't a clue where to go or how to go about it. Basically i have some pictures for reference and measurements i'd like the figures to be. I'd like them in the colors seen on the pictures. I thought it'd be a straight forward thing, but it really isn't. Everyone seems to need a cad file or something, which i don't have, and i cant make as i have about as much talent as a bag of marbles. so im stuck in an infinite loop of just problems. any advice on what to do/where to go would be appreciated it

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Re: Where do i begin.....

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For 3D printing you need a 3D model file. The same way you need a text document of a picture to print with a conventional printer you need a 3D model file to tell a 3D printer what to print.

So it is possible to do what you want but you would need this model file created. Also 3D printers, at least most 3D printers, don't print in true colour link a normal printer. You can get some expensive multicolour printers but most print in 1 or 2 colours so you would need to completed model to be painted most likely.

The main sticking pint though is still going to be model design. You would either have to do this yourself or pay somebody to do it for you.

I am sorry that this is not quite as straight forward as you had hoped.

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Re: Where do i begin.....

Post by Creatorgirl13 »

hey...just read your story and I hope you got some help with your project! if you didnt, i looked up some cool videos that you can maybe watch and see how you can start... :)


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