Monoprice Maker Select Plus - Board options?

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Monoprice Maker Select Plus - Board options?

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Hi all,

I attempted a BLTouch upgrade on my MP Maker Select Plus (i3 plus clone) the other day. Completely fluffed it when doing the pins on the control board, turns out I suck at soldering.

Anyway, been looking at board options. My understanding with RAMPs is that it doesn't deal well with the 24v power supply without some modifications, so I've looked at others; specifically I've been looking at either the BIQU KFB3.0 or the SKR V1.3.

Looking at the boards and the inputs/outputs etc, I've noticed that they only have two for the power; one + and one - but, on the board that comes with the printer, there's two for each. So, my question around this, is what do I do with the extra wire for each polarity?

Any help, or recommendations, would be appreciated

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