Not 3D Printing quite well :(

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Not 3D Printing quite well :(

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Hiya :)

Even thought I am new to THIS Forum, I have been a member of the Hornby Forum for a quite a few years now - so not quite a newbie!!! ;) I built the Vector 3 3D Printer from the Mag "Build your own 3D Printer" from Eaglemoss Collection a few yrs ago - had a few probs along the way but got them all sorted now :) I made videos on my YouTube Channel - Jimyjames73 - if you want to have a look Click Here / ... playlists then click on Playlist called "3D Printer Build, Review & 3D Print" - Thank you...
Any way - just a bit about me - so that you can get to know me a my question...
I've done some 3D Printing for my nephew - see photos...

Ok so how do I insert a photo??? I thought it would be similar to the Hornby Forum - just by clicking on the 9th Icon along the top of the box where it says "Insert Image" then a little box appears just like in the Hornby Forum!!! But instead this appears when I click on that Icon "Image" so what do I do now???

Jimyjames (Or "JJ" as they call me on the Hornby Forum!!!)

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Re: Not 3D Printing quite well :(

Post by veneering »

Hi JJ!

You need just to upload and share your images with using free hosting service

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