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Kloner 3d 300H

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Hi Hope somebody might be able to help, I have a Kloner3D 300H about a week a go I had a 21hr print fail but due to it failing in the middle of the night it carried on printing and blocked the nozzle.

Since then ive not been able to print successfully. doesn't mater what parameter I set the heat at the nozzle goes up to 230Deg for about 2 minutes then drops to 190Deg then goes back up to 230Deg, then drops of to no heat and fails.

Ive swopped the ceramic heated at the nozzle this has the built in thermostat, this is a duel head, and ive tried printing from both head on and two, but the same happens.

So Far im getting very little help from Kloner3d

any ideas?



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