3D printer for a wheelchair user/beginner

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3D printer for a wheelchair user/beginner

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Hi everyone,

I am interested in purchasing a 3D printer, however it needs to be suitable for the following reasons:

I am dependant on using my wheelchair because I have a spinal cord injury and rely on 24 hour care as I am paralysed from the shoulders down. I operate my laptop using a head mouse and a function bar to click and double click etc.

The 3D printer will be used to print toys, simple structures and stuff in general. My carer will assist with the printer however they are very restricted due to no knowledge or experience.

If possible the printer will need to be as near to being ready to use/ minimal need to assemble any parts etc when purchased.

I am looking to spend around £200, ideally from a shop I can visit or if need be off the internet.

Your help and advice will be very much appreciated.


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