Newby to this on my A8

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Newby to this on my A8

Post by Wyorkslee1978 »

Hey guys.
so ive bought an A8 off ebay.
built it all up.... it moved to its home positions ok,
loaded a prog from thingiverse and it shows it in the bottom right of the screen , not middle of the table and it doesnt seem to want to move to a different position on the table. My mate at work has mentioned slicing prog might not be right for my machine. i have the ones included on the disk with printer, cura 14.07 and repetier host.Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Newby to this on my A8

Post by Grabbs »

I don't get it - have you tried the program from Thingverse and from the disk too?

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Re: Newby to this on my A8

Post by FDM to SLA »

Older version of Cura here but can you not click Centre Model on Buildplate?

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