New 3d printer owner need some help

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New 3d printer owner need some help

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Hi guys
I have purchased an ender 3 pro from ebay, supposed to be fully working but it has came without the z drive mount, the extruder bowden connector, tools. the seller has suggested that I source the missing parts myself (they are in china) and I can cover everything except the z drive mount,
So im asking if anyone has the mount available because they have upgraded theirs or if it possible that someone can print me a replacement, which is laughable because if I could use the printer I could try printing it myself lol

I have never had a 3d printer only got it so I could have something to do during this lockdown, it has always facinated me how the 3d printing is done so thought I would use this time to learn something new so you can expect a lot of silly questions from me one it is working lol.

If anyone can help with supplying or printing the z drive mount shoot me a PM as my printer is just sitting here gathering dust lol.

Thanks in advance

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