New to 3d printing

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New to 3d printing

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I have just bought a cheapo 3d printer. I wasn't expecting perfect prints. It's a CTC DIY (clone of a Prusa i3 Reprap MK8 .)

I assembled it without any problems.

When I turned it on the auto home takes the print head to the rear left corner.
When I tried to print a test print ( a little man silhouette ) which was the centre of the bed in Cura the printer tried to print it in the back left corner of the build plate. But it only started to print half the man as it started so close to the edge that it kept "bouncing" off the y axis stopper switch. So I tried moving the object in Cure to the right and forward, re sliced and tried again. This time the print started in the middle back edge and just produced a line. Hardly any y axis movement, then the nozzle decided to mould a grove in it.

Anyone else had similar problems.

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