Complete newbie, power supply.

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Complete newbie, power supply.

Post by WolfCommander »

I've been looking at the Ender series and decided to take the plunge. But I'm unsure on electrical matters. The 110 or 220 volt switch, I assume goes to 220 V as I'm in the UK but my main question is, from what I've read they come with an EU plug and a UK adapter, is it safer to switch to a 'kettle lead' for it to have it's own fuse and be grounded or is the adapter it comes with fine? (I've never been a fan of adapters and I've read in different places that they're fine or that they are horrible.)

Please help as if I need to buy a cable I'll do it the same time I buy the printer. Thank you all in advance for any help I get, hope to join this community properly as soon as the printers come back in stock anywhere in the UK.

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Re: Complete newbie, power supply.

Post by xx1180 »

I just cut off the EU plug and fitted a uk plug as the cable still has 3 wires 69P screw fix

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