Never used a 3D printer before should I get one for this...

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Never used a 3D printer before should I get one for this...

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Hi guys and hopefully girls,

I design HiFi audio electronics and I am now designing enclosures, these are metal but I need bespoke front and back panels. I have designed them and looking at how to manufacture. I have choices

Aluminium, drilled, routed, anodised and printed.
Plastic, drilled, routed and printed.

3D print using probably ABS, though possible metal cored ABS. using 2 colours (panel colour and test/feature colour) so panels need no further processes other than clean up

3D print using mSLA, DPL then painting.

My question is if I chose 3D which would be the best method considering I want a good finish over the whole of the panel as it will be a finished product. The largest panel is the front panel and is 243x93x5mm and I expect to print 100-200 pairs (front and back) a year

Also I would like to do my own printing so advice on the best printer for the job too, bearing in mind the subject of the post, but as I can design and build valve amplifiers and now learnt how to do 3D and 2D drawing I think I will get the hang of printing.

Cost needs to be affordable but not the cheapest as quality is most important, I have looked at printers up to about £2000

Thanks for reading this and hope I can get some direction.


PS I am leaning towards 3D as I can see lots of other parts that can be printed

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