problem with prints

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problem with prints

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I have a problem with the bottom 3mm of prints that I slice with creality slicer and print with ender 3 pro printer the first 3mm is really rough then after that all seems fine . I am printing at 200 nozzle & 50 bed with PLA. I have printed a test dog that came on the SD card with the printer and that prints lovely but that prints with a raft and I am not using a raft on the faulty print. I have photo's but don't know how to upload them in this post

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Re: problem with prints

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You can try uploading photos to any site (like for example) and insert images into your message then.

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Re: problem with prints

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Sounds like your nozzle is to close to the bed. It evens out after smudging the pla around for a few layers. Try to relevel your bed with a bit of paper. It shoukd slide with very little tension

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