Help needed: Layer Shifting

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Help needed: Layer Shifting

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I have an Anycubic 4max pro with a warranty that just expired so I thought I would have a crack at reaching out for suggestions here.

Actually I have an ongoing problem that has so far been unsolved by the tech support team at Anycubic so if I can get help here you will certainly know more about 3d printers than they do. ;)

Anyway the problem is a familiar problem with a currently unknown solution. Basically I am getting layer shifts. However most of the usual fixes have been attempted. Drivers, belt.. etc... all seem fine.
There is also one thing that I have noticed makes it unusual. Firstly I discovered that the printer head seems a bit stiff when I push it far to the far left along the x axis with my hand. This seems to coincide with the fact that the layer shifting only seems to happen on models that are wide along the x axis.
This is evidenced by models that are tapered along the z axis. The image below shows a model I printed. it begins with a small volume area in the center and tapers outwards. once the model layer crosses the threshold along the x axis, layer shifts begin to happen.

Image ... sp=sharing

I should note that the x axis rods and bearings have all been replaced. If this problem is because of either of these, then something else must be damaging them and in turn causing the layer shifts.

Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?

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