Looking for someone to print me an object (today or tomorrow)

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Looking for someone to print me an object (today or tomorrow)

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I have recently opened an Etsy store and I'm based in France, so I have sold one of my items to a customer in the UK, but the delivery time and price is way to long and to expensive.

So I'm asking you, the UK based 3D printer community if somebody based in the UK can help me out and print me the item and send it to my customer ?

it's a 60gr print, it will take about 6 hours (on my printer) and it should be in black PLA and I need it for today or tomorrow. The print quality should be in the high quality range.
I will pay for that the fees for the delivery, the PLA and printer usage and for the packaging you can use old filament box it's the perfect size and some plus for the time.

It's a little bit of a hassle because I was not prepared for the delivery cost's to the UK, but if I found somebody serious it can be the start of a little (very little at the moment) business.

Is somebody interested ?


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